25 November 2015


Les cténophores sont des organismes marins carnivores, représentés par près de 150 espèces, répandus dans tous les océans du monde. Ils se déplacent grâce à des cils locomoteurs alignés en 8 rangées sur des plaques ciliées et formant des peignes. Ils constituent une bonne part de la biomasse planctonique mondiale. Ils sont aussi connu sous le nom de “comb jelly” ou “groseille de mer” --- Ctenophora is a phylum of animals that live in marine waters worldwide. Their most distinctive feature is the "combs", groups of cilia they use for swimming, and they are the largest animals that swim by means of cilia – adults of various species range from a few millimeters to 1.5 m (4 ft 11 in) in size. Like cnidarians, their bodies consist of a mass of jelly, with one layer of cells on the outside and another lining the internal cavity. Almost all ctenophores are predators, taking prey ranging from microscopic larvae and rotifers to the adults of small crustaceans; the exceptions are juveniles of two species, which live as parasites on the salps on which adults of their species feed. Ctenophores may be abundant during the summer months in some coastal locations, but in other places they are uncommon and difficult to find.

29 April 2014

A diver encounter a Great White Shark in the Gulf of Mexico

Published on Apr 28, 2014 - Divers encounter a Great White Shark in the Gulf of Mexico off of Fort Myers Florida!

18 December 2013

Original Content : David Carvajal, divemaster @ Dive With Martin Cozumel (2013)

We are almost on our way to Cozumel. In about 5 days we will be back underwater! Last time we were there (last winter) we dived with Dive With Martin. The best dive shop in Cozumel. The divemaster we were with (David Carvajal) has some special skills. Check this out!

5 December 2013


 Salon.com report that the tiger seen in "Life Of Pi" has almost drowned during the filming of the movie.The American Humane Association can't be trusted to protect film industry animals.

6 March 2013

Karin Sinniger World Record Scuba Dive with Elephant

Karin Sinniger, 48, a Swiss, US and British (Hong Kong) citizen who lives in Angola and who has logged over a 1,000 dives, successfully scuba dived with an elephant near the Havelock Island, Andaman Islands, India (the 115th country she dived in), to set a world record for scuba diving in the most countries

29 January 2013

An original underwater engagement - Fiancailles sous-marines

--EN-- This is a video of our very original engagement that happened underwater on Dec 31st 2012 in Cozumel Mexico. Watch the video until the end to see a giant Eagle Ray that we've filmed just after this memorable event! --FR-- Voici un vidéo de nos fiancailles sous-marines qui ont eu lieu à Cozumel le 31 décembre 2012. Regardez le film jusqu'à la fin pour voir une Raie géante (Eagle Ray) que nous avons filmé tout de suite après l'événement. 

14 January 2013

Inappropriate behavior towards sealife

- Writting from Cozumel, Mexico - This picture below, is something I've seen while diving in Cozumel. I get very frustrated when I see people acting like this. Being a good diver means respecting sealife and especially DO NOT TRY TO HOLD ON TO A SEA TURTLE !!! I told the divemaster about what I've seen but he didn't told the "tourist" (yes that is how I call these kind of people). I also saw some divers laying down in the reef while taking pictures. I remember seeing divers in Bonaire taking multiples pictures of the same seahorse with a flash. The poor little seahorse probably got blinded for life... Anyway if you recognize yourself, try to do better next time!

31 December 2012

We got engaged underwater in Cozumel!

It's the most original way to ask your beloved! No doubt she said yes! ;oP --- La façon la plus originale de demander le mains de ma copine, c'est sous l'eau! Elle a dit oui sans hésiter! --- 31 décembre 2012, Cozumel, Mexico